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The Cris Spinner Show is your place-to-be for Great Conversation, Inspiration and Ordinary Enlightenment!

Cris Spinner is the creator and host of The Cris Spinner Show.
Heard every Tuesday night at 8:00 WVOX 1460AM or , she brings her unique brand of great conversation, inspiration and “Ordinary Enlightenment” to the masses!!
Cris favors Positive Living -Special Needs Issues -Education & Educational Philosophy – Raising Children – Women’s/Young Women’s Personal Empowerment – Pop Culture- Current Events and Local topics.
A master motivator, Cris creates initiatives that will inspire people to “be the change they want to see in the world”. A force of nature, Cris aims to change the planet one listener at a time…..
It’s not just a show, it’s a movement

Meet The Team:

Jill and Mark Hirsch

Jill and Mark Hirsch, otherwise known as “The Fabulous Hirsch’s” are the sponsors of The Cris Spinner Show. Their belief in and support of Cris is invaluable!
Jill is a former fabulous elementary school teacher who left that career to raise 3 incredible daughters – Julia, Emmy and Kate! An avid dog lover, Jill has raised many a canine creature as well. She is now “Mom” to Oliver Twist,Cartier,Schuyler David and 2 rescue guys Wesley Phillipson and McKinley (Mickey)! Jill is a FEMA Certified Animal Rescue Volunteer for the Humane Society of the United States and a New York Counsel member for the Humane Society. Jill is also an artisan, designing and creating jewelry for her daughter’s jewelry design company, Shanti & Deva.
Mark, a 1982 graduate from Yeshiva University,BA in economics, spent three college summers in commodity trading. Upon graduating Mark immediately went to work for a small steel trading firm in New York City and within a couple years became a junior partner. In 1995 he started his own company with two other partners, called “World Metals Corporation”.
The successful company represented several Brazilian steel mills, selling product around the world, and eventually specializing in producing automotive parts for the USA automakers.
In 2010 Mark exited the steel business and bought into a small technology firm which he sold two years later. Presently, Mark handles investments primarily in the real estate industry.
After 9/11 Mark joined the Scarsdale Company 2 Volunteer Fire Department, eventually reaching rank of Lieutenant! “This was my way of contributing for the lost sustained on that fateful day.” Mark says.
Mark has served the Scarsdale community as the Overhill Neighborhood president, elected to the citizens Non Partisan Committee, served on the Hoff Barthelson Music School board, and for 18 years served as one of the Cantors in a local synagogue leading high holiday services there. Mark is currently quite active with the Scarsdale Rotary Club. He can also be found working out in Scarsdale’s Equinox Gym seven days a week!
Mark, as well as his wife Jill’s, passion for travel in both business and pleasure has taken them all over the world. Married to wife Jill for almost 26 years, they have raised three beautiful daughters and 5 fabulous dogs!

Chuck Donegan

Chuck is the engineer for “The Cris Spinner Show”, responsible for ensuring both Cris and her guests sound good, as well as dropping in relevant audio clips to highlight a particular topic of conversation. A native of Long Island, NY, he served as producer of the highly-rated “Most Music Morning Show” for WLVG-FM from 2004 to 2009 and joined the staff of WVOX in 2006, where he hosted the popular “Radio Chuck” Saturday night music show from 2007 to 2012, and currently presides over “The Smoothie Lounge”, the only Westchester radio program devoted exclusively to smooth jazz. He has been married to his wife Jaye since 2012, and while the couple have no human children, they do have a “hairy son” in their mixed-breed puppy, Jesse.

Cassidy “Cass Louise” Donohue

Cass Louise is Cris’s Personal Assistant extraordinaire. She’s established herself as Cris’s go-to-gal for keeping everything organized in Cris-landia! Cass also designs our weekly guest picture collages for The Cris Spinner Show and mans the social media for live broadcast. She has performed in close to 20 musicals and is a very talented singer/actor! A freshman at Boston University, Cass graduated from Harrison High School of Harrison, NY as a Cum Laude student, an IB Diploma Recipient, and a member of the National Honor Society.