Your stop for all things Cris!


You are going to need to learn the language if you’re going to Cris-landia.
Here’s a few vocab words to get you started:

Cris-landia – The World According to Cris! Where Cris lives…where it all happens!
Cris-losophy – Cris’s unique brand of philosophies called “Ordinary Enlightenment”.
Cris-mania – The hilarity that ensues in Cris-landia!
Cris-tastic – the general sense of joy that surrounds The Cris Spinner Show.
Criss-mas – The joy-filled month long celebration of all holidays that occur in December! Criss-mas officially runs from Dec.1st – Dec. 31st.


There’s No Business like Show Business! Cris was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut, putting her in fabulous company! Other Waterbury notables: Actors Dylan McDermott and Rosalind Russell, Famed Photographer Annie Leibovitz!

I’m just a puppet on a string! Cris wrote the all the music and sang the voice of puppet characters for the children’s TV show “Mr. Goober and Friends” when she was in high school!

A little elbow grease never hurt anyone! Cris adds housekeeper and waitress to her early employment resume!

Can I get an Amen! Cris lived and worked for many years in Yonkers, NY leaving her with a special affinity for the Big YO! Arriving at the door of St. Bartholomew’s Parish in 1980 (after someone directed her to a half-day a week teaching position)     Cris soon became Parish Music Director, and stayed for 25 years! The people of “Bart’s” are family to this very day!

They’re Singing’ Her Song! Cris composed the Alma Mater’s for two schools – “Manhattanville” for Manhattanville College and “Beacon of Hope” for Harrison Avenue School – both located in Harrison, New York!


Coffee,the Skimm, Retro TV shows, Pandora Radio, Anything 60’s & 70’s Retro, Coffee,“Crazy-Legs” ™ flannel pants, Hallmark Christmas movies, Coffee, Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards, Talenti Gelato, a piano, singing, overnight oatmeal, Debbie Macomber books, Duvets (and lotsa fluffy pillows), Iced green tea, Butter-cream frosting ,Coffee, an iPhone, a MacBook, Angry Birds games, AM radio in the kitchen, I Love Lucy, a Sunroof, Sunglasses, Coffee, Sunflowers…


littlePinkJill & Mark Hirsch, sponsors of The Cris Spinner Show, are avid dog lovers. Of their five dogs,two are rescues!! Each week I remind you that if you are adopting a dog please make sure you are dealing with a reputable breeder or better yet, consider a shelter to give a dog a forever home!
And we love The Little Pink Shelter in Westport CT. Give Holly a call!


juliahirshJulia Hirsch, the eldest daughter of our sponsors, is not only a young woman making a difference on our planet, she’s a fabulous jewelry designer too! Check out her beautiful “ethnic collection of handmade pieces inspired by cultures from all around the world ” here’s where to go to experience the beauty!


emilyhirshEmmy Hirsch, also a daughter of our sponsors, is a multi-talented young lady. When she’s not advocating for animal rights organizations, she sketches beautiful artwork and photographs her interpretations of the world around her. Check out her fabulous work here at EMHIRSCH.  Must-haves for your home.


dennamarieDeanna Marie is a glassware designer extraordinaire! Her hand painted pieces are one-of-a-kind. The Make a Wish collection is a stand out in originality! I cannot tell you how much I love this shop….. & Deanna!
Everyone needs a Silver Lining! Check it Out!