Cris Spinner is a rising star on the talk scene. Able to converse confidently on a host of issues, her natural intuitive thinking and extensive personal experience bring amazing credibility to her unique brand of chat. Add Cris’s indomitable spirit and a dash of her witty & smart sense of humor and you have a bone-fide hit!




Redefining Age: “ How old are you? What does that mean? Age is the number of years you’ve been on the planet. That’s it! Nothing is emotionally different about the human experience at any point. You have the same chance for joy at every age, in every year cycle …it never changes! What you intend, what you feel aligned to do, where your next inspired thought comes from is on-going, not measured in time. There IS no time limit that changes you .”

Redefining Parenting: “ I really believe that if we were raising our kids in the same mindset that we strive to cultivate now as adults, we would probably not have as many unfulfilled adults. So many today are thinking and listening and trying to find the best way to live their life. My number one qualification for living life the way we are meant to live is to live authentically. Once you tap into who you are, your identity, and own that, really own that, you can then create and manifest the life you want. SO…WHY THE HECK isn’t that happening ???
Why are we so unfulfilled…The answer lies in childhood and the way we are raised. And here and now I’d like to change the way we message that… we shouldn’t calling it “raising up” “ Raised” sounds like you are being pulled up, like a curtain on a stage…A stage, the very essence of pretend…not authentic! In reality we ought to be “guided up” . We are not guided through childhood.”

Redefining Teaching: “ Speaking in terms of connecting emotionally, I have never seen students in my classroom as little people I am “ in charge of ”.
I’m not there to tell them what to do, how to think, what to feel. I’m there to connect with each of them as a “peer on this planet”. To help them discover a piece of themselves through the messages I teach, through the subject I teach. To assist, as one of the many players in their lives, in guiding them to find their authentic selves. Kids are younger people…that’s all..so simple…no different emotionally than any adult. I tell that to my students all the time.
We are the same…I’ve been on the trip longer that’s all. And it’s blessed me with hundreds and hundreds of friends. I have active relationships, like “call-on-the-phone” friends, like “ completely-part-of-my-present-world “ friends with the vast majority of students that have passed through my classroom doors. Not “catch-up-with-my old-teacher” friends but seriously unique relationships that seamlessly grew…and that’s the truth! ”

Redefining Life’s Journey: “ Life is a journey…we hear it so often…what does that mean? It means Life’s a Trip! Cool right? But it’s a trip we can’t get prepared for. Ahhhh! And that goes against our control need. Can’t pack for this one…we get what we need along the way…and guess what? Most often we learn what we need after we needed it! CONFUSED? This is why you need me! Worry not…what is for you will not pass you! “

Redefining Entertainment: “ It’s my absolute goal to be inspiring the planet through a daily TV show. I’m intending to invite the world into Cris-landia
each & every day via The Cris Spinner Show, the place for great conversation, fabulous entertainment, authentic inspiration and ordinary enlightenment!
A one-of-a kind experience…the next step in talk show!
So…Stick around and see how it’s manifested! It’s not just a show, it’s a movement! ”


Crisannda Marie Cirillo joined her 20th century peers here on the planet Earth on June 16, 1958. Daughter of Mickie & Frank Cirillo of Waterbury, Connecticut, and later , sister to younger bro Frank the 3rd, Cris spent the 1960’s/70’s growing up in a big city with a small town feel; she played lots of music, acted in lots of theater, sang in lots of choruses, wrote lots of songs and in 1976 said good-bye to Waterbury for Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY where she made lots of friends and did most of the same things listed above.

In 1988 , Cris got married. In 1995 the Spinner’s were blessed with a son Anthony John. Born at only 28 weeks Anthony weighed in at only 2 lbs 11 oz. At age 2 Anthony’s development began to regress. Cris began to search for answers. In 1998 Anthony was diagnosed with Autism. The search for answers and the eventual diagnosis completely changed the trajectory her journey. The marriage did not survive yet Cris kept the name! Cris & Anthony’s journey has been filled with amazing successes and serious challenges. A devoted Mom and staunch advocator for Autism Awareness, her work in education and creating programs for special needs inclusion garnered her Manhattanville College’s Valiant Educator Award in 2011. Cris’s inspirational story of perseverance & positivity throughout her unique Autism journey, is the subject of a book, “A Thousand Miles”, she has begun to pen.

In addition to hosting her fabulous radio talk show, Cris is an amazing entertainer & talented musician, accomplished pianist, vocalist, musical director, & published composer. In 2007, Cris developed Voices Heard –
a 5 vocalist singing group with Cris as featured front-man. Backed up by a phenomenally talented band of longtime friends, The Voices Heard posse performs concerts for special needs fund raisers.

Cris has spent her days as a member the music faculty of the Harrison Central School District in Harrison, New York, creating an incredibly successful choral program, combining her unique life point of view with music.

Cris, who describes herself as existing somewhere between free thinking nonconformist hippie & small town American school teacher, is a prominent citizen of Harrison NY, with a huge following of friends, fans and supporters of all ages!